Rodney Davis Announces Jobs Plan, Endorsement from U.S. Chamber of Commerce

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David Gill’s economic plan would raise taxes on small business, prevent economic growth

EDWARDSVILLE- With unemployment across the state over nine percent and higher in many places in the 13th  Congressional District, Republican nominee Rodney Davis announced a wide-ranging jobs plan Tuesday to get the economy back on track.

Davis was joined by officials from the U.S. Chamber of Commerce and Illinois Chamber of Commerce in Edwardsville, Decatur, and Springfield to offer endorsements of his campaign for Congress.

“Rodney Davis recognizes that free enterprise, not more government, will lead the American recovery,” said Ben Taylor, the U.S. Chamber’s executive director for the Great Lakes region. “The choice between the candidates on issues that will advance free enterprise in Illinois and across the country is clear.”

The Rodney Davis Plan for Jobs in the 13th District begins with extending current tax rates before they are set to expire on December 31st. Studies indicate 30,700 jobs will be lost in Illinois if taxes are allowed to increase on January 1.

The plan also calls for limiting burdensome regulations on business. Davis supports requiring Congress to review existing regulations and vote to keep or eliminate regulations that are obsolete or harmful. He also supports legislation requiring Congressional approval for any regulation that has a $100 million economic impact or greater on the American people.

“Rodney Davis has a plan which will put people back to work,” said Todd Maisch, Vice President of the Illinois Chamber of Commerce. “There is no issue more important in this election than getting government out of the way of business owners to allow them the freedom and flexibility to create jobs. Rodney Davis is on their side.”

Rodney Davis Announces his Plan for Jobs outside of Cassens Transport in Edwardsville.

“I’m thankful for the support of the Chamber of Commerce,” said Davis. “Getting the economy back on track isn’t a Republican or Democrat issue; it’s an issue of the utmost importance to every resident of the 13th District. When I’m in Congress, it will be my priority to help business invest in equipment, inventory, and, most of all, people.”

Meanwhile, Davis’ opponent in the November election, David Gill, supports radical tax policies which would raise taxes on millions of small business owners across the country. If in Congress, Gill would vote for Nancy Pelosi’s plan to raise taxes. 80 percent of small business owners file income tax returns as individuals, which would subject them to Gill and Pelosi’s tax increases.

“We must keep tax rates low for small business owners and families across the 13th District,” Davis said. “The last thing we need is a tax increase while the economy is in such fragile shape. A tax hike will drive unemployment up.”

Rodney Davis, 42, has lived in the 13th District nearly his entire life. He married his high school sweetheart, Shannon. They and their three children live in Taylorville. To learn more about Rodney’s campaign to work aggressively in Congress to end overspending, address the nation’s skyrocketing debt, and work to improve the economy to provide a better quality of life for the families of Illinois’ 13th Congressional District, visit


Rodney Davis Plan for Jobs

It is unacceptable that our national unemployment rate has been higher than 8% for 43 straight months. In some parts of the 13th District, the unemployment rate is even higher. For over three years, this Administration has enacted federal regulations and tax increases that have strangled our job creators, leading to layoffs, hiring freezes, and uncertainty.

Rodney believes we keep taxes low for everyone,  including small business owners, reduce red tape and regulations, and repeal and replace Obamacare. Government doesn’t create jobs, which means Congress should get out of the way of the job creators who do.

Taxes and the tax code

Rodney believes that it is imperative that Congress extend the current tax rates. He has heard first-hand from small business owners who are waiting for certainty on extension of these tax rates before they will invest in equipment, inventory and most importantly, people. Failing to extend the current tax rates would cost 700,000 jobs nationwide and 30,700 in Illinois.

Rodney also believes that our tax code is too complex. A survey by the NFIB found that two-thirds of small business owners spend more than 40 hours per year on federal taxes, and a recent government study found that new tax rules in Obamacare will cost American families and businesses nearly 80 million hours. Our small businesses are often stifled by the code and they need tax laws which are streamlined and simplified, and which allow employers to concentrate on creating a successful business and adding jobs.

Rodney supports eliminating the “Death Tax” and opposes raising the current tax rates on anyone. We cannot subject individuals to the largest tax increase in American history, especially given the ongoing fragility of the economy


We must take action to relieve the burdensome federal regulatory environment which has the effect of stifling business growth and job development. Employers need to spend time running their business and contributing to their communities and the economy – not worrying about the overwhelming amount of government paperwork. In fact, Gallup polls have found that complying with government regulations is the number one concern facing small business owners today.

Rodney supports requiring Congress to routinely review existing regulations and vote to keep or eliminate regulations that are obsolete or harmful. He would also support legislation such as the REINS Act, which would require Congressional approval prior to enacting any regulation that has a $100 million economic impact or greater on the American people.

Health Care

Obamacare has resulted in thousands of pages in IRS and Treasury rules including 17 regulations, 5 revenue procedures, 2 revenue rulings, and 14 Treasury decisions. The uncertainty created by this has paralyzed the business community, as 70 percent of small businesses cite the health care law as a major obstacle to job creation.

Rodney knows that Obamacare must not only be repealed, but also replaced with a market-based approach to the delivery of health care, as opposed to a top-down, government-mandated program. This is vital to give people a true choice in health care and to ensure neither business nor government is saddled with an overreaching program.

Education and Training

The Society for Human Resource Management found this year that 75-percent of manufacturers are actively hiring, but two-thirds of those are having trouble finding the types of workers they need.

Rodney knows that we must have a well-trained, educated workforce so that employers can quickly fill positions as they become available. That’s why he supports updating and expanding the Workforce Investment Act to provide education and training programs to the thousands of unemployed area residents. With nine universities and seven community colleges in the 13th District, Rodney will also fight to ensure that higher education is affordable and accessible to everyone.


Businesses will be unable to succeed if they can’t quickly and safely move goods using our transportation systems.

While Rodney was pleased that Congress passed a two year extension of the Transportation Bill this session, he believes we must enact a long-range transportation bill which will stimulate job growth in sectors such as construction, materials and engineering.

In Congress, Rodney will seek a seat on the Transportation & Infrastructure Committee.


Too many of our nation’s veterans are returning home from overseas only to discover that they can’t find a job. This is unacceptable. Our veterans are educated, experienced and deserve our help. Rodney supports expanding veterans hiring programs and incentives, such as the Veteran Emergency Medical Technician Support Act of 2012, to help our military medics become civilian EMTs. Through innovative and common sense proposals like this, we can help veterans find the jobs they deserve.

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