Rodney Davis Announces Plan for Health Care

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David Gill supports government-run health care system and tax increases to pay for it

SPRINGFIELD- While millions of Americans fear the impending Obamacare law and its impacts on the economy and small business, Rodney Davis, Republican nominee in the 13th Congressional District of Illinois Monday announced a market-based replacement to the President’s health care plan.

On a conference call with reporters Monday, Davis unveiled a plan to keep patient-doctor relationships in place, and encourages innovative solutions to address the nation’s health care needs.

“A government-run health care system is not the answer,” said Davis. “The United States has the best health care in the world, and I will not allow the government to stand in the way of the patient-doctor relationship. My plan keeps that relationship in place and helps people all across the district receive proper health care services.”

Davis was joined on the call by Rep. Tom Price, M.D. (R-GA,) an orthopedic surgeon who authored the Republican alternative to Obamacare.

“Rodney has a common-sense plan to address the challenges in our health care system,” said Dr. Price. “The American people know that the president’s health care reform law is the wrong path for our country, and so I appreciate Rodney showing real leadership with his positive solutions.”

Meanwhile, Davis’ opponent in the November election, David Gill, says Obamacare doesn’t go far enough. He would institute a single-payer, government run health care plan, and says he would eliminate Medicare.

“The last thing we ought to be doing is giving Washington greater authority over America’s health care system,” said Dr. Price. “Individuals, families, and their doctors ought to be the one’s making health care decisions. Rodney Davis has a plan focused on empowering individuals, not bureaucrats.”

Davis, and his wife, Shannon, have a personal experience with the importance of a patient-doctor relationship.

“When Shannon was diagnosed with colon cancer 14 years ago, it was after she had been misdiagnosed for months,” Davis said. “We were able to fire doctors and choose doctors and make the decisions that we knew we had to make. I don’t know if we would have been so lucky if the government were controlling our health care decisions.”

Rodney Davis, 42, has lived in the 13th District nearly his entire life. He married his high school sweetheart, Shannon. They and their three children live in Taylorville. To learn more about Rodney’s campaign to work aggressively in Congress to end overspending, address the nation’s skyrocketing debt, and work to improve the economy to provide a better quality of life for the families of Illinois’ 13th Congressional District, visit

Rodney Davis Plan for Health Care


Rodney Davis knows that Obamacare must not only be repealed, but also replaced with a comprehensive plan that keeps the vital patient-doctor relationship in place and encourages innovative solutions to address our nation’s health care needs.

A one-size-fits-all, government-mandated health care system is not the answer. Rodney believes that the United States has the best health care in the world; health care that is delivered every day through a system of dedicated physicians, nurses and health care professionals who believe deeply in serving those who need their services. The last thing Rodney wants is a health care model run by the government. Rodney also knows we must listen to the care providers—doctors, nurses, hospital administrators–to craft a system that gets away from a focus on government programs and instead puts the patient at the center of care.

Rodney and his wife Shannon have first-hand experience with our health care system.  At age 26, Shannon, a nurse, knew something was wrong yet she was continually misdiagnosed. With the ability to determine their own medical destiny through their employer-supported insurance plan, Shannon and Rodney were eventually able to get to a physician who provided the correct diagnosis: colon cancer. Surgery was immediately scheduled to remove the tumor, Shannon went on to recover remarkably well. This experience guides Rodney in his firm belief that Obamacare must be repealed and replaced. He feels strongly that under a government-run system, Shannon may not have received the care she needed to fight cancer.

Rodney believes there are several items which are vital to the replacement of Obamacare:

Market-based Approach

Rodney believes in a market-based approach that provides not only choice in health care for those who are insured, but will address the needs of the uninsured of our country. This approach will allow those providing the care–doctors and hospitals–to concentrate on delivering care instead of wondering what programs they may need to cut due to decreased payments and increased government bureaucracy.

Preserve and Protect Medicare

With a father who is currently using the Medicare system, Rodney knows the importance of maintaining this vital program for not only the seniors of today, but the seniors of tomorrow.  We must make sure that benefits promised to today’s seniors do not change and we must have leaders in Congress who will ensure that Medicare does not become insolvent.  It is time that Congress stopped talking about saving Medicare and actually agree to a plan which will make it a reality.

Give Individuals Control of Their Insurance

The current tax code is geared towards an employer-based health insurance model. We need to put the control of health insurance into the hands of individuals so they can better manage their own needs. We need insurance that provides not only choice and competition, but also portability.

Pre-existing Conditions

Rodney believes people with pre-existing conditions should have the same ability to acquire health insurance as those without conditions.  People should be able to switch jobs, or enter into a new insurance plan, without the fear of losing coverage.  Giving individuals the ability to purchase insurance across state lines will help to make this an affordable option.

Insurance until Age 26

Our struggling economy under this Administration underscores the need for young adults to have access to health insurance.  The unemployment rate for recent college graduates is higher than the overall U.S. unemployment rate.  And it is not just recent college graduates who are struggling; in the August 2012 unemployment report, the percentage of young people (age 16-24) who are in the workforce dropped to the lowest level since 1955.   Allowing children to stay on their parents insurance until age 26 helps those in this age group while they become established with careers.

Medical Liability/Tort Reform

Defensive medicine is practiced throughout health care and this has much to do with the high cost of liability insurance. This leads to unneeded tests and added costs to the health care system. Rodney will fight for common sense tort reform to address an out-of-control system that has allowed medical malpractice lawsuits to flourish.

Purchase Insurance Across State Lines

Rodney supports the ability of individuals and businesses to purchase insurance across state lines, thereby creating pools of the insured to help control premium costs. Current law, under ERISA, allows organization such as labor unions and large businesses that self-insure to pool their risks across state lines. These larger pools lower costs. Small businesses and individuals should have this same ability.

Physician-led Quality Measures

We should rely upon physician-led recommendations for quality measures, instead of mandates put in place by agency bureaucrats. This would allow for higher quality care for patients through quality programs put in place by physicians who are on the frontline dealing with the patient relationship every day.

Importance of Critical Access Hospitals

Rodney lives in a rural community served by a Critical Access Hospital. His wife, Shannon, managed the ER at this hospital. He knows the important role these hospitals play in rural communities. He will oppose the Obama Administration’s proposed “10 Mile Rule” which would jeopardize CAHs within 10 miles of each other. Financial pressures are high at these hospitals due to their high dependency on Medicare payments, so Rodney would also oppose the Obama proposal to reduce Medicare payments to CAHs. We must continue to find ways to ensure these facilities are sustained.

Support for Federally Qualified Health Clinics

Better and more coordinated access to Federally Qualified Health Clinics is also something in which Rodney believes. He has worked with these facilities and he knows they can play a vital role in providing primary care services for those without insurance or without a primary care physician and they are cost effective, reducing costly emergency, hospital, and specialty care, and saving the U.S. health care system $24 billion a year.

We must find ways to take the “frequent flyers” out of the emergency room and into a setting that is more appropriate and cost effective. FQHCs are one avenue for that to be accomplished.

Improve Efforts to Combat Fraud, Waste and Abuse

The Office of the Inspector General of the Department of Health and Human Services should be adequately funded to provide the ability eliminate fraud, waste and abuse in federal health systems.


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