Rodney Davis For Congress Announces Plan for Energy Independence

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David Gill supports radical environmental policies which will raise gas and energy prices for Americans

SPRINGFIELD- With the price of gasoline hovering around a staggering $4.00 per gallon in  most of Central and Southwest Illinois, Rodney Davis, Republican nominee in the 13th Congressional District of Illinois has outlined a wide-reaching plan for energy independence.

Outside of a gas station in Springfield Wednesday, Davis outlined his support for an “all of the above” energy policy to expand domestic production of fossil fuel, improve efforts at energy efficiency, and expand renewable fuel capacity.

“The price at the pump is hurting every single American,” said Davis. “We see too much volatility in energy prices, and it will take leadership in Congress to enact something we don’t have right now: a strong, clear, comprehensive energy strategy.”

Rodney Davis announces his Plan for Energy Independence at a news conference in Springfield.

Davis says he opposes EPA attempts to ban coal-fired power plants, strongly supports construction of the Keystone XL pipeline, increased refining capacity, and supports renewable fuels like ethanol and biodiesel. Expanded tax credits for renewable energy like wind and solar energy and allowing construction of new nuclear power plants are also key provisions of the Davis Energy plan.

Davis strongly opposed the job killing “Cap and Trade” bill, and will fight any future attempt to impose national carbon taxes.

Meanwhile, Davis’ opponent in the November election, David Gill, supports radical environmental policies such as international emissions targets as laid out in the Kyoto Protocol which would cripple family farms, cause energy prices to more than double, and increase the cost of gas by up to sixty-five cents per gallon.

“We should continue to reduce the use of fossil fuels and increase efficiency,” Davis said. “But the best way to lower energy prices and help struggling families is to open up new sources of domestic energy, and I’ll work hard to do that when I’m in Congress.”

Rodney Davis, 42, has lived in the 13th District nearly his entire life. He married his high school sweetheart, Shannon. They and their three children live in Taylorville. To learn more about Rodney’s campaign to work aggressively in Congress to end overspending, address the nation’s skyrocketing debt, and work to improve the economy to provide a better quality of life for the families of Illinois’ 13th Congressional District, visit


Rodney Davis’ Plan for Energy Independence

Rodney Davis knows safe, affordable energy is essential to both our national security and our economy. He supports a comprehensive “all of the above” energy policy which utilizes our renewable fuel capacity, expands domestic production of fossil fuel and improves efforts at energy efficiency. By supporting a policy that reflects the need for many forms of energy, we all can count on reliable energy supplies.


Coal is an abundant, affordable source of energy that creates and enables thousands of jobs in Illinois. Rodney supports continued development of “carbon capture” technologies to reduce the environmental impact of coal. He strongly opposes the EPA’s recent attempts to effectively ban new coal-fired power plants.


Our continued dependence on foreign oil has negative effects on both our economy and our national security. While we should continue to reduce our consumption of oil wherever possible, we must also develop our domestic supplies. Rodney supports expanded offshore drilling and opening the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge (ANWR) to oil exploration. He strongly supports constructing the Keystone XL pipeline as soon as possible.


Ethanol and biodiesel are essential, and renewable, components of our national energy supply that are grown right here in America. Ethanol alone directly supports more than 1,000 Illinois jobs and contributes more than $4 billion a year to Illinois’ economy. Rodney will oppose any attempt end ethanol subsidies.


Wind, solar and hydro-electric are clean, renewable sources of energy whose continued development is essential to our energy future. Rodney supports a permanent production tax credit for these energy sources.


Nuclear power is a safe, clean, and affordable source of energy. Yet, no new nuclear power plants have been built in the United States since 1977. Rodney supports reforms to allow new nuclear plants to be built quicker and more cheaply, while still making safety the paramount concern. He supports completing construction of the national nuclear waste repository at Yucca Mountain.

Cap and Trade

Rodney strongly opposed the job-killing “Cap and Trade” bill. He will stand against any future attempt to impose a national carbon tax.

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